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Do nine lifetime driving bans hold any real weight?


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Lorraine Explains: Does a lifetime driving ban--or nine--even mean anything?

You could be driving next to someone with a lifetime driving ban

Author of the article:Lorraine Sommerfeld

We should talk about this.

"More charges have been laid against a Brampton man found guilty of over 40 driving-related offences…investigators say the accused is no stranger to police and has previously been hit with four lifetime driving bans. With a long rap sheet that includes 35 Criminal Code and 8 Provincial Offence Act convictions, police say the driver has previously been found guilty of multiple counts of assault, impaired operation, dangerous operation, breach of probation and criminal harassment among several other charges," reports InSauga.

Four lifetime driving bans. Does that even mean anything? Why not nine lifetime driving bans, like this guy, from last November: "Peel Regional Police are applauding a hefty jail sentence for a man who was caught driving in Toronto despite being the subject of nine lifetime driving bans, saying he showed a "blatant disregard for the law," reported CityNews.

We should talk about how little we think about who we share our roads with, insulated behind tonnes of metal, cocooned in our climate-controlled sanctum while listening to Bach or rock or the news or a murder podcast or the kids fighting in the back seat. While we're busily wondering if we can make that light or find a parking spot out front, while we're gauging whether that driver is going to run the red as we get a green, we probably don't have "lifetime dangerous criminal they can't keep off the roads pulling up next to me" on our bingo card.

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Source: Does a lifetime driving ban--or nine--even mean anything? | Driving

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