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I don’t have excellent credit. Can I still get approved?


We work by matching you up with the dealership in your area with the best chance of getting you approved, regardless of your credit history. As you go through our car loan application process you will see what options we are able to deliver to you.


I’ve been turned down for an auto loan before. How can you help?


VANCOUVER ISLAND USED CARS has extensive resources and experience in helping people with less than perfect credit.


What are the interest rates for my next car loan?


Interest rates vary depending on a variety of factors. The easiest way to know exactly what you’ll be looking at is to apply online and one of our dealer partners will contact you and go over all of your options.


I need a car now!! How long does it take?


Typically, you are matched up with one of our dealer partners within one hour. From there they will work as quickly as possible to secure an approval for you. Often times you are able to pick up a vehicle the same day.


Which financial situations are you able to deal with?


Our dealer partners work with all the major non-prime lenders who specialize in: bad credit, no credit, slow or late repayments, repossessions, good credit, bankruptcy, divorce, consumer proposals, new to country, R9’s, self employed, and many more unique situations.


Are there any fees or am I obligated if I apply?


Applying online is free! If and when you decide to purchase a vehicle whether it be cash or taking advantage of one of the dealer’s finance programs, they will go over all costs associated with buying a vehicle.


Where can I view your vehicles?


We have dealer partners across the country. Advertised vehicles are from our dealer partners across Canada, and are advertised as sample vehicles only. No guarantees are made to the location and availability of these vehicles as inventory is always changing. All of the dealers we work with have an excellent inventory of Cars, Trucks, SUVS and Minivans to choose from. Apply Online and a representative will go over all of your options.


What terms and conditions exist?


As with all dealership advertised promotions some terms and conditions apply ie: money down, OAC, co-signer, etc. Each situation is unique. Apply online and someone will get back to you to go over all of your options.


I saw a sample payment online – What’s the total price and how long are the payments for?


The vehicles advertised are for sample purposes only. When you apply a dealership representative will go over all of the details with you including cash price, finance terms, and any other questions you may have.


Are you a loan broker?


No, we advertise for dealerships who specialize in helping people with bad credit. When you apply online we pass your information along to the dealership who has the best chance of getting approved for your next car loan.


I found a vehicle for sale privately. Can you help with that?


No. The affiliate dealers will help with every step of your vehicle purchase including: finding a vehicle, financing, and any other questions you may have. Having large inventories, they often are able to find a better vehicle or a better price than one found from a private sale.


How much can I get pre-approved for?


The total amount that your loan will be pre-approved for, depends on several factors. The financial specialist dedicated to your account will work hard with you to find a vehicle that fits comfortably into your monthly budget.


Now that I’m approved, how much of a down payment do I need?


The total amount required as a down payment will vary with each loan. However, in many cases you will be approved with no down payment.

Do you take trade ins?


Yes. And in most cases we can use your trade in as your down payment to help lower your monthly payments!


What if I still owe money on the car I’m trading in?


Don’t worry. Most people still owe money on the car they want to trade in. We apply the positive or negative equity towards your new monthly payments.

I’m still in bankruptcy – can you help?


There are specific programs available through our partners to help with people while still in bankruptcy. This will take a little extra time as we will require some information from your trustee, but quite often there are still great options available.


I’ve had a bankruptcy in the past – can you help?


Yes. Many dealerships view bankruptcy as a bad thing. We view it as a fresh start and there are excellent programs available to help you into your next vehicle.


I’ve never had credit before. Do I qualify?


There are several programs dedicated to people who are new to credit.


How will applying affect my credit rating?


Every time you apply for a loan it will be reported on your credit bureau. When you apply for a pre-approval our partners target the lenders that are most likely to give you a favorable response – reducing the total inquires to your credit file. What are you waiting for?? Fill out an online application right now and you could be driving your next vehicle as soon as today.


100% Guarantee – Canada Drives makes sure that every person gets the best possible experience and is contacted promptly by their local representative. Because poor credit should not mean poor customer service.


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One of these easiest ways to help understand car loans for bad credit is to get connected with one of our affiliate dealerships from our network. They will be able to walk you through all the steps and make sure you find a vehicle and a payment you’re happy with. – Online Application – Fast, Easy and Secure!

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