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Should tire mileage ratings be the decision maker when picking new tires?


Author: Brian Turner -

Many, many external factors affect how a tire wears out, much like fuel economy ratings.

In the automotive world, tires are the death and taxes of inevitability. If you drive, you wear out tires and you buy replacements. Forever. And with automakers' penchant for increasingly larger wheels with thinner sidewalls, we're spending more than ever before. So, after the sticker shock wears off, we need to ask some questions when navigating the maze of a large selection of makes and models. 

Wear rating failures are hard to claim. So, you shelled out the big bucks for a tire with an incredible wear rating. You're not going to get fooled again with those wear-before-your-eyes original boots that most carmakers slap on their new products. No, you're buying a set to last you the next 100km of carefree summer driving. But when those tires wear out at 40km, you'll probably not find much relief from your tire store. 

Tire wear is affected by a raft of issues that car and tire makers have little control over. How you drive, accelerate, and brake combined with what type of road surfaces you travel over, and how well you adhere to rotation schedules and tire pressure inspections can make a world of a difference in how long your tires will last. Then there are the loads you carry. Few consumers are ever successful in getting any satisfaction out of premature wear claims. 

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