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Who is Liable? The Textee or the Texter? 2019-04-17

An insurance and legal expert says texters could be held liable for any damages if they message someone they know is driving and that person has an accident.

How Much Do We Really Use Our Cars? 2019-04-15

Most cars spend almost all their time sitting in the driveway, suggests new report

Ever Wonder what Happens to your Trade In? 2019-04-13

By the time you invest in your second or third car, chances are you've been around the block enough to know that when it comes time to buy a new vehicle, one of your budget-friendly options is to trade in your old one. 

Canadian EV Charging Stations are Increasing 2019-04-11

Canada's EV charging network is growing, making electric road trips a possibility

Volvo to Install in Car Camera's to Enhance Safety 2019-04-09

The brand says human behaviors are the most pressing current safety issues, namely speeding,distraction, and intoxication.

Warning Lights: What they actually mean! 2019-04-07

No, it'snot a cue to blow bubble gum or a warning about saggy pants.

Crash Test: Most Pickup Trucks are Failing! 2019-04-05

Most pickups marked below 'Acceptable' in small-overlap crash tests

Norway is Way Ahead of the Game when it Comes to EV's 2019-04-03

Oslo's city cabs will charge by air as of 2023

It's Simple Banning Texting and Driving Works 2019-04-01

The science doesn't lie;banning texting while driving works like a charm when it comes to accident prevention. 

Could your Vehicle be Making You Sick? 2019-03-29

U.S. safety regulator continuing probe into whether popular trucks may be susceptible to carbon monoxide leaks some complaints allege they are. 

Tips for Savings at the Pump 2019-03-27

6 Thrifty Tricks To Save On Gas

EV Rebates and Sales in the Hands of Ottawa 2019-03-25

Which vehicles qualify for the inventive will be announced in a few months, but the policy's impact is being felt already

These 10 Vehicle Features are Downright Annoying 2019-03-23

Life used to be much simpler

AJAC Canadian Green Utility Vehicle of the Year 2019-03-21

The Jaguar I-Pace is the  first ever battery electric vehicle to win the honor.

The Recent Subaru Recall is MASSIVE! 2019-03-17

Foresters and Imprezas could see brake lights or ignitions fail after being cleaned with certain products.

Ford is Gearing up to Build an Electric F-150 2019-03-15

Ford is planning to build a completely electric version of its popular F-150, the automaker has confirmed, alongside the hybrid powertrain variant it announced several months ago.

2019 Ram 1500 to Debut 60/40 Split Swing-Out Tailgate 2019-03-11

Ram has upgraded the tailgate on its 2019 1500 pickup truck with its latest and greatest idea: the Multifunction Tailgate.

Protection Proposed for People Saving Dogs from Hot Vehicles 2019-03-09

A Georgia state senator has introduced a bill that would help protect dogs from perishing from heat exhaustion or any other impending threat while locked in cars.

Mass-Market Brands More Reliable Than Luxury Models? 2019-03-07

Prospective buyers planning to splurge on a luxury car may want to reconsider: Mass-market brands now are more reliable than premium models.

Automatic Braking a Must According to 40 Countries 2019-03-05

Forty countries led by Japan and the European Union - but not the U.S. or China - have agreed to require new cars and light commercial vehicles to be equipped with automated braking systems starting as soon as next year, a U.N. agency said Tuesday.