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Blog - Vancouver Island Used Cars

Red Bull Racing Shows You What Can Happen In Just 1.88 Seconds! 2019-08-23

Red Bull Racing had wings as it beat its own previous pit-stop record during the German Grand Prix. 

The 2019 F-150 EV Prototype Amazes All With This Impressive Stunt! 2019-08-21

The F-150 EV pulls off an impressive stunt, pulling 42 F-150's loaded on 10 double-decker rail cars. 

Are you dealing with a Used Vehicle Curber? Here's what to look out for! 2019-08-19

Understand the risks involved in buying from a private seller so that you can make an informed buying decision. 

Is your dog distracting you while driving? Check out the BARC program! 2019-08-17

For all those who continue to engage in any form of distracted driving, I urge you to consider your behaviour and put a stop to it. 

Cadillac Develops It's Own Public Parking App Called ParkWhiz! 2019-08-15

The new Cadillac ParkWhiz app helps drivers locate available public parking spots.

Worried about vehicle depreciation? These 15 vehicles are your best bet on financial longevity! 2019-08-13

Spare your wallet with these automotive hat tricks, which are cool, cheap to buy, and aren't likely to burn you financially. 

Millennial's are going nuts over these Classic Cars! Can you guess which ones?! 2019-08-11

Today's youngest classic car fans mostly like the same old cars other generations do - except for these 10 faves, which older car nuts can't care less about. 

Heat Waves This Summer Are Causing Havoc On Your Vehicle Interior - Here are some tips to help! 2019-08-09

We borrow wisdom from sunny climates to survive the new normal in Canadian summers. 

Volkswagen finishes off it's 21 year Stint With a Denim Blue 3rd Edition Beetle! 2019-08-07

Progress kills Bugs dead: Production of the Beetle has really, truly finally ended with a Denim Blue model built in Mexico.

AAA Says Some Car Windows May Be Harder To Break Than Others in an Emergency! 2019-08-05

Many late-model vehicles have laminated glass on side windows, which won't yield to tools designed to break them.

We Are Now 6 Months Into 2019... Gives You Canada's Top 5 Best Selling Vehicles! 2019-08-03

Cars and trucks in Canada are seeing sales fall month after month, but amid that slide, these vehicles come out on top.

Sacramento County Cracks Down On Home Auto Repairs - Could We Be Next? 2019-08-01

Sacramento County outlaws restricts amateur mechanics to using only household tools.

AirBnB Stepped Up Their Game... Welcome To The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile! 2019-07-30

Chicago, home of the hot dog, will host the weenie, and you. 

What's The Better Buy: Used Luxury vs. Full Load New Car 2019-07-28

The luxury vehicle of your dreams might now be something you can afford, thanks to a record high number of lease returns hitting the used-car market. 

Fancy Features That Come With Some High-End Luxury Cars! 2019-07-26

It's all about excess and opulence.

The World's Most Unique and Attractive Car Logos To Date 2019-07-24

A definitive list of the most attractive and interesting automotive brand logos, from the fancy Prancing Horse to the good old Blue Oval to whatever the heck Alfa Romeo's got going on. 

Consumer Reports Shares Top Tips On New Car Maintenance 2019-07-22

Simple tasks that can make your car last longer.

Are You In The Market? Here's Your Top 10 For Sure Buys! 2019-07-20

10 Vehicles in the 10 popular categories that should serve you faithfully for years. 

Canada Eh? Top 5 Used Cars under $15,000 in Canada! 2019-07-18

These are the Best 5 Used Small and Sedan Cars in Canada Under $15,000. If you are looking for the Best Affordable Used Cars these are some of your best options. 

Leasing vs. Buying - What Is Right For You? 2019-07-16

Car buyers should understand the differences, as there are pros and cons for each option.