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You'll never guess what this Corolla owner did to her car to beat the heat! 2019-06-16

Tell the owner of this Corolla her car looks like crap, and she'd probably agree. 

Top Tips to Prevent Damaging your Car's Trade-In Value 2019-06-14

Buying a new vehicle is a whole lot easier when you come to the negotiating table with a high-value trade-in car. The little things you do to maintain your car every day goes a long way in determining its trade-in value and the offer you can expect to receive for it. 

Interested in purchasing warranty for your used car? Let us help! 2019-06-12

Read about the top used car warranty companies and how extended protection for an aging vehicle can keep repair costs low. 

WardsAuto's review of the top 10 vehicle interiors for 2019! 2019-06-10

Here's what WardsAuto's editors picked - and what we think of their selections. 

Can you guess the top 10 best selling vehicles of all time? You'll be surprised! 2019-06-08

Can you guess which two juggernauts are in a battle royale for number-one?

Android Auto getting a snazzy new look! 2019-06-06

First introduced in 2015, Google's Android Auto is found in over 500 vehicle models from some 50 automakers. 

Make sure you get informed of important factory recalls - Here's how! 2019-06-04

What to do to receive these important safety notices - and have your car fixed free of charge. 

Are you 1 of 6 that are considering an Electric Vehicle? 2019-06-02

Consumers say they're influenced by factors like the price of vehicles and of gas, battery range and word of mouth. 

In the market for a hybrid vehicle? Here at 10 great used options! 2019-05-31

Don;t want to spend big on a new hybrid or electric car? Here are some great alternatives!

Need help picking tires this summer? Let us help! 2019-05-29

Here's our guide to the best summer and all-season tires available this season. 

Could installing technology help eliminate children being left in the car? 2019-05-27

More than 800 children have died in hot cars in the past 20 years.

National Lampoon Clone Hit Florida Auction with Recording Breaking Sale! 2019-05-25

Restomods and replicas heating up, if Barrett-Jackson Florida event sales are anything to go by. 

Should tire mileage ratings be the decision maker when picking new tires? 2019-05-23

Many, many external factors affect how a tire wears out, much like fuel economy ratings.

Record Breaking Gas Prices Causing Uproar in Vancouver, BC 2019-05-21

Metro Vancouver Prices at the pump continue to set continental records.

Canadians timid to accept Electric Vehicles 2019-05-19

Canadians may like to talk a green game, but when it comes to our vehicles we roll over any environmental concerns with our fossil fuel-powered wheels.

Ever wonder what the top 10 best selling vehicles of all time are? Read more to find out! 2019-05-17

Can you guess which two juggernauts are in a battle royale for number-one?

Mustang Inspired Electric SUV in The Works for 2020 2019-05-15

With no more cars apart from the mustang in its lineup, Ford needs to strike hard with its SUV lineup.

Canada's top Electric Vehicles to WOW you this year! 2019-05-13

Marking Earth Day 2019: All these EV models are eligible for the new federal government discount.

Ever wonder what the top used vehicles to buy are? Read here to find out! 2019-05-11

There's an old adage that  new car loses 10% of its value the moment its first over drives it off the lot. 

Need help understanding Canada's EV Incentive Programs? Let us help! 2019-05-09

A perfect (electrical) storm of more models, more stock, more discounts... and high gas prices.