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Buying a used car or truck can be a high stress undertaking. Learning about the history of the car can be the difference between buying a safe vehicle and one that might put your family at risk as you drive it out of the lot.


CarProof is a 100% Canadian company committed to delivering accurate, 3rd party vehicle history reports to both buyers and sellers. These reports deliver trust and confidence across both sides of the transaction.


What questions should you ask your used car dealership once you've found that perfect car or truck?


Here are some incredibly important questions that you should ask about your vehicle.


Has the vehicle been in an accident? .  The CarProof report will detail whether the car or truck is listed in any police accident reports, has been assessed by any collision damage estimating facilities or has had any insurance claims registered against the vehicle.


Has the car or truck ever been stolen? .  The CarProof lists, in detail any theft records based on a screening of the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC).


Does the car originate from Canada or was it imported from the USA? .  CarProof will determine whether the vehicle was imported from the USA via the Register of Imported Vehicles (RIV).


If so, what was the condition of the vehicle when it was imported from the USA? .  The report uses a US Auto statistics company, Experian Automotive to deliver a detailed checklist of data pertaining to your car.


There are many more questions that our staff will be able to answer for you once we show you the report on your vehicle, so please don't hesitate to ask!


What if there is no ICBC Claim on Record?


In some circumstances a previous owner may elect not to file a damage claim and will repair the vehicle at their own cost. This hides the information from an ICBC Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) check since the owner did not file a claim with them. In these situations, only the CarProof report will confirm whether any major repairs have been performed due a far more widespread VIN search.


We Buy CarProof Reports for Each and Every Car We Sell


Courtenay Mazda is so committed to your safety and to the quality of our used cars and trucks that we purchase CarProof reports for every vehicle in our inventory. Only the CarProof reports can deliver information that even ICBC can't offer. This frequently happens with accidents are out of province and so the Insurance Corporation of BC isn't usually notified. This poses a huge risk to the consumer who may rely solely on ICBC claims reports to inform them of any previous collision damage.


ICBC and CarProof Reports Are Not Equal


A perfect example of this discrepancy was with a recent report that we received on a 2010 Mazda 3. The ICBC report came back glowing, with no ICBC claims, and so the buyer might feel satisfied.


The CarProof report on the exact same car found a Collision Estimate for $10,014.00 quoted privately for extensive rear end damage.


It's these examples that solidify our long standing requirement of providing our customers access to these reports for all of our used cars and trucks. Make sure that you ask about the CarProof report when purchasing your next used car or truck!

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