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Vancouver Island Used Cars | Dealership in Courtenay

Welcome Vancouver Island Used Cars, you will discover our inventory of used vehicles in the Courtenay area and all our services. We are located at 475 Silverdale Crescent in Courtenay, visit us and it will be our pleasure to welcome you.


At Vancouver Island Used Cars, our team of professionals will guide you to make the right choice for your future vehicle. You will be advised as to the choice of the right vehicle and on the best suitable financing for your needs.

Cars with the worst resale value after 5 years

These 10 cars hold their value the worst and depreciate the most By: CHRIS TEAGUE   While the old saying that cars lose a massive chunk of their value as soon as they're driven…

Published on December 08, 2023

Lorraine Explains: Recalls are good things--make sure your car doesn't have one

Check if your vehicle has a recall on Transport Canada's website, and get it fixed if it does By: Lorraine Sommerfeld Recalls are a good thing. You probably noticed recent…

Published on December 05, 2023

Cars and trucks with the best resale value after 5 years

These 10 cars have the highest resale values and depreciate the least By: CHRIS TEAGUE   Cars and trucks are more expensive than ever before, and that means buyers should…

Published on December 02, 2023

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